Sunday, March 4, 2012

Session Three "Stuck In" Wherein it Becomes a Stand Up Fight and Not Just a Bug Hunt

The Marines of Sulaco Strike Force Lion's Den pressed on into sector 007.  The terrain was mixed destruction and alien ectoplasm and egg casings were evident in the corridors leading to what must be the queen chamber.  The APC was pressed in on all sides by the deployed marines of squads 1, 2, 3.  The seargants Carr, Lathrop, and Cowney were keeping up a constant radio chatter to LT. Conn in the APC.  "Get us outa here" was frequently the non-standard sign off to each fervent message.

The column advances into sector 007.  High walled and densely packed terrrain added to the terror.

Into the valley of death rode the 30 + heavily armed badasses!

And then all hell breaks lose.  Casualty count consisted of at least 12-16 MIA. HUD went static on the APC monitor but life signs didn't always extinguish.  Damn xenos!  This was a regular Thursday night wargame in the Second-hand Lions game club.  Leave a comment or sign up for a full tour of duty.