Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Battle of Rennes Angevin Campaign 1138

 The Angevin campaign grinds on with a glorious battle at the castle of Rennes.  Baron Jean La Jaune and the yellow banner-ed retinue reduce the city of Rennes and oust the Orange and Violet led forces of Baron Steve.
Scene one in which the BUA Rennes can be seen at right.  A new BUA for this campaign.  Baron Steve the defender is lower frame and Baron John has entered from the top of the image.

Push and pull of the knight line as metal clash on metal and horses wheel and charge.

Baron John sustains damage.


...and then in turn dishes damage out.


and the death blow comes general on general the outcome is sealed and the town of Rennes panics and flees pell mell into the countryside. 

The wounded trail off as we see the victor in the background establishing control over the battlefield.

Eye candy.  The balance of the illuminations are the results of the campaign that were generated in solo DBA play.  Always fun to glimpse what might have been.