Monday, December 29, 2014

Kenny's Mini Con Winter Break Game Day

Jerodi Defile 1967 Arab Israeli Wars Scenario played using Hordes of the Things Modern Rules.
Egyptian Deployment on newly terrained table set up.

Here come the Israelis.

Reinforcements arrive way too early for the Egyptians.

Steady fight against the initial Israeli attack but in the end they took out the Egyptian command.  Great game played early in the day with Steve Gross and Ken Van Pelt.  We also had a fine GHQ work session bulking out the collection of micro armor for Ken and his new modern army project.   Stay tuned for Mujaheddin.

Next UpClockwork Century battle of Joplin.

Union and Confederate forces clash in southern Missouri Territory.

Union Lines

Union Aeronef with Kenneth onboard.

Confederate Ironclad Landship accompanied by light tracked contraptions.

Union White fleeet.  USLS William Richardson accompanied by two medium aeronef.

Confederates attacked in massive infantry columns.

Union artillery barrage the landship as it chugs in for destruction.

End game.

Aerial shot from the Fleur de Lis.

USLS William Richardson chugging along

TANK COMMAND 1975 Ideal Board Game

T. Carr selects a barrage #.

The tanks.

T. Conn's bunker

The awesomeness of the battlefield.

Game Two.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Song of Arthur Party

At the besieged castle of King Leondegrance, the stout hearted knights of the Lions' Den did throw their mettle into the fray. 
Gathering for our annual Christmas party and game, we put another chapter into the growing tales in our Song of Arthur and Merlin campaign.

Stand table-side with us and raise your tankard to fellowship and good cheer.

Once more into the breach.

Consult the pooping elf from the shelf.

Is it fame, fortune, or magic?

Merry Christmas Friends

Thanks for your readership and following our adventures in 2014.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Jordanian Army 1967

Here is a post about a new area of the hobby that I am going to begin to explore.  Modern warfare in micro armor scale.  I have played WWII in micro armor but nothing more current.  In my DBA group we have explored the Arab-Israeli war a little bit and I was interested enough to try my hand at painting some of Steve's Jordanians.  So here I present my first Hordes of the Things, Modern Jordanian Army from 1967.  40th and 60th armored battalions and then some infantry.  Oh and the command stand challenge has been met pretty successfully with a neat little palm tree.

Monday, December 8, 2014

ALIENS This Time It's War

The Secondhand Lions have gathered for a couple of games at the T.Carr game room and this evening's game was the Alien classic "This Time It's War"  board game.  Our man Ted has miniaturized this game with 28mm clix and assorted figures.  So here is a recap of the adventures of the Marines on LV426.

We made it through the reactor room, lab, kill Burke, and air lock scenarios.

We hadn't lost anyone at this point.

Nice mock up for the minis in this game.

The lab with the obstinate grenade rule.

Chuut them Elizabeth!!!

Holy Crap!  Let's nuke this site from orbit.

Come get a hug from mommy.