Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DBA Bretwalda Campaign

Every other Monday, I get to play DBA with a small group of wargamers that I have known for years.  We play 15mm with a variety of professionally painted armies.  Steve, our primary army provider is an historian, artist, wargamer.  It is a unique privilege to be included in the gaming and discussion in his small gaming group.  The method of play has always been to include some type of campaign system from DBA and we have been through two or three very in depth map generated  events.  Our current  style of campaign started with a Roman "First Man in Rome" style of campaign where each player was given his home army of Republican Roman Legionaries and would fight in turn each of the Roman's enemies.  Scoring was standard DBA of stands killed versus stands lost and an additional 2 points for killing the enemy general or capturing the enemy camp.
Under this system of play we are now doing a 1066 campaign with each player playing the Anglo-Danes and taking on all enemies from the 6 army list found in DBA 1.1.  The armies are mine and were painted some 22 years ago.  They are from the Minifigs 1066 line of 15mm miniatures.  Getting to use 6 of my armies for this campaign is a real treat for me.  We are referring to the armies as "throw-back" jersey wargame miniatures.  Here are some pixels of the latest evening game.
My Huscarls stand ready to receive the Norse-Irish host.  This was a hard fought game with a lot of posturing.  A loss for me, however I have kept myself in the running as I was able to sack the enemy camp for 2 points.

At this point it could have still gone my way....but a very tough opponent wouldn't roll his dice "right".  In the end I lost 4 to 1 but as mentioned I did get a camp capture.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Battlestar Gallactica Sorta

Launch Vipers.  We have incoming contacts on two sectors.

Ceylon raiders approaching.  Move to intercept....


Another nifty little one off game using US Toy Spacers and a Thrifted Battle Cruiser....

Poker chip, dry wall, ship....

Pipe cleaner measurements were, green means go and red and yellow is fire. Hit modifiers were 1 length  4,5,6, 2 lengths away 5,6 and three lengths away hit on a 6.  We kept flights in sets of three and when you took a hit you removed a fighter.  When the flight was totalled you could bring it in on the game edge again for the Ceylons and the Vipers could launch another flight from the Battle Cruiser.  The Battle Cruiser only had 10 hit points and when it was completely full on hits the game ended.